How to Update IOS 14 on iPhone SE First Generation

How to Update IOS 14 on iPhone SE First Generation
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Apple has announced the release of the IOS 14 operating system on September 16, 2020, after the Apple Event on September 15, 2020, at this event they announced the latest product updates, namely Apple Watch SE and Ipad Air 2020.

IPhone devices have received a refresh on their system, namely IOS 14, this system is predicted to be the latest operating system for the iPhone, as well as for their latest line-up, the iPhone 12.

iPhone devices that still support the latest IOS 14 update, starting from iPhone 6 S, iPhone SE first generation  also still gets the latest IOS update, this iPhone has a flat bezel design and has a rounded edge, this design is still the best iPhone, and rumors are circulating that the iPhone 12 will carry a design like the old iPhone 4, 5 and SE series.

Here's how to update IOS 14 on the first generation iPhone SE.

Before update IOS 14, please prepare an internet connection and storage / storage space on your iPhone, at least 3 GB of free storage capacity, to get the latest IOS 14 update, you must update the previous version, the last update before IOS 14 is IOS 13.7

1. Settings

Please select the Settings menu to start the IOS 14 update, then select General


2. Software Update

On the General menu, please select Software Update, as shown below.

Software Update

3. Download and Install

The next step, please select Download and Install, download the IOS 14 update to 2.14 GB on the older version of the iPhone SE.

Download and Install

4. Enter Passcode

After doing the Download and Install, the next step you will be asked to enter the passcode on the iPhone.

Enter Passcode

5. Term and Conditions

Next step, on the Term and Conditions menu, we are asked to read about the latest IOS 14 update, to continue, please Agree.

Term and Condition

After agreeing to the IOS 14 update installation process, we will wait for the download and installation process, the download time will take 2 - 3 hours, depending on your internet connection.

6. Install

After completing the download process, please tap Install Now to continue updating IOS 14.



Verfiying Update

Display of IOS 14 after being updated, below is the IOS 14 update on the First Generation iPhone SE.

About iPhone SE


Whats New




Home Menu Widget


App Library

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