7 Mistakes Made by iPhone Users

7 Mistakes Made by iPhone Users
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Hi, gadget lovers, everyone already known an iPhone smartphone who’d was launched by Apple, it has a standard for each accessory’s device, iPhone smartphone have needed genuine accessories iPhone such as congenital Charge from Apple, to avoid the damage of the components iPhone itself.

Moreover, many iPhone users disregard how to kindly use an iPhone, when you must charge your iPhone, playing games, iOS update, data backup, etc.

On daily activities without realizing it, we did a lot of mistakes when using an iPhone, what was that, here we summarize 7 common mistakes made by iPhone users.

1. Counterfeit Apple Accessories

In-stores and online shop, we can find Many counterfeit Apple Accessories was distributed at the market, we are aware that iPhone’s chargers are very expensive and cost enormous amounts of money, but it’s always worth to use it. if you are using genuine accessories it can avoiding from damage and it was proven the durable of your iPhone.

But if you really want to use a third-party charge with equal quality and standard of Apple, you can seek for an Accessories which is labeled Made for iPhone it’s also known as MFi because it was tested the quality.

Unfortunately, many iPhone users use counterfeit accessories because its price is cheaper than genuine ones, what the result if we frequently used counterfeit iPhone accessories, and the answers it can damage your iPhone, the performance of an iPhone are not maximal, many troubles happen, and the warranty will be lost etc.

2. iCloud data Backup

Never ignore this warning, you must concern about your daily data activities was back up on iCloud ranging from contacts, iPhone settings, message data, WhatsApp, and others because anytime we need it when the iPhone was broken and do not intentionally do a factory reset

A function of data backup has helped us in order to save information on our iPhone, whether it is from their systems, videos, and pictures, which is the application related to iCloud, otherwise, there are also iPhone users who do not use iCloud as a data backup on their iPhone, because they do not know exactly iCloud function on the iPhone.

3. Play the Game While Charging

run a game on the iPhone now becomes the habits of the users iPhone who has a hobby spending their time for playing games and they didn’t concern the condition of the battery when the right time to recharge your iPhone and sometimes many users intentionally execute playing games while their phone was charging.

Playing games frequently on your iPhone while charging can damage your iPhone because the battery and other devices are overheating, it causes filling up longer than normally when you are playing a game while recharging the battery, fully charging, and draining it would shorten its lifespan or damage the battery. Continuous use an iPhone it will cause the battery bloated.

4. Restart iPhone

Furthermore, mistakes made by iPhone users are never restarts their iPhone, it’s not fatal mistakes exceedingly to the iPhone, but if you are restarting your iPhone, it can booster your iPhone performance faster, and make the iPhone speedier and lightly.

The iPhone are well known for good and undoubtedly iOS system, because we know when you carry out the system it will never make disappointed the users because it never lags, applications or games, therefore it’s not a fault to execute restart the iPhone, purpose to refresh your iPhone system.

5. Postpone an iOS Update

Another mistake was made by user that it postpones an iOS update, we already know that the iPhone is a smartphone has an update iOS operating system on their lineup smartphones and it’s this iOS operating system was supported for a long period, no wonder the oldest iPhone who'd already four years after their released are still supported iOS update by an Apple.

For an update iOS all the iPhone users will get notified from Apple and this is something that their often neglected with postpone an iOS update, postpone an iOS updated will affected of the working system iPhone, with update your system with new higher versions it causes iPhone worked with unstable performance.

6. Recharge Within an Overheat Conditions and Low Battery

When you recharge within heat condition it have fatal consequences, it can decrease life and health of the battery, and can make the performances of your iPhone does not work maximally. Do not recharger your iPhone within heat condition, make sure that temperature of your iPhone in normal conditions, to avoid risk the damage of the components, and if it happens continuously when rechargers within heat condition it will cause the battery bloated. moreover, if you let the empty battery continuous It will affect life and health of the battery, so if you get a notification from the system, it means your battery was empty and its perfect time to recharge the iPhone.

7. Do Not Have Utilize Passcode

The last mistake is do not have utilized a Passcode, Passcode is the safety key when disclose of your iPhone, and many users doesn't want to utilize a passcode, firstly they don’t like it because its unpractically, but unconsciously this is becoming a fatal mistake, because other people can access your iPhone without using a passcode.

Some iPhone users who don’t want to use a Passcode, absolutely it’s certainly can cause fatal mistake, Because iPhone need an extra protected for the data and information so it can't be leaked by other people, especially when your iPhone was lost or stolen, so the cant easily stole your data and information from the iPhone with secure system passcode protection. so, you must remember that created a passcode for your iPhone it a must, because it can protect your data and information on the iPhone.

Thus, above tips and reviews about the iPhone, Hope this article can helps you, thank you for visiting our blog.

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